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Legal Services for Creative Businesses

Zala Law, LLC is an intellectual property, entertainment, and business law firm based in Decatur, GA.

Zala Law, LLC was founded by principal attorney Shreepal "Shreeps" J. Zala who describes the firm's mission as "helping our clients grow and improve their businesses by helping them protect and monetize their intellectual property.  Your mind is the important business resource you have and you should protect your ideas accordingly."

Zala Law, LLC handles a wide variety of cases involving copyright & trademark issues, contract disputes, numerous types of agreements and all things IP, including, but not limited to:

Copyright & Trademark Law Applications & Infringement • DMCA Takedowns/Notices
Copyright Licensing, Assignments, & Transfers • Ownership  (Credit & Compensation) • Music & Synch Licensing PRO & Internet Streaming Royalties • Mechanical Licenses •  Talent Agreements, Management & Producer Deals Contract Breach & Remedies •  Brand & Merchandise Licensing • Film & TV Distribution Deals  •
Music, Film, & TV Production Contracts • Union & Tax Credit Compliance • Production Legal Business Formation & Consultation • Information Technology & Data Privacy Law • Privacy & Publicity Rights

Your Mind is Your Property.™
Let us know how we can help protect it.


Practice Areas

Intellectual Property Law

Entertainment Law

Business & Contract Law

Liability/Insurance Law

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Your Mind Is Your Property.
Practicing Law in the Following Areas:

Intellectual Property Law

Copyright & Trademark Law

Entertainment Law

Business & Contract Law

Liability/Insurance Law

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