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Legal Services for IP Owners & Businesses!

Zala Law, LLC is an intellectual property, business, and entertainment law firm based in Decatur, GA. 
We also represent cases in insurance law, including personal injury and motor vehicle claims.  

We handle a wide variety of cases in including:

Copyright & Trademark Law Issues  •  Music, Film, & TV Production Contracts • Talent Agreements • Copyright Licensing, Assignments, & Transfers Ownership  (Credit &  Compensation) • Music & Synch Licensing • Film & TV Distribution Deals PRO & Internet Streaming Royalties • Mechanical Licenses   USPTO Filings & Office Actions •  Contract Breach & Remedies  •  Business Formation & Consultation   Information Technology & Data Privacy Law • Privacy & Publicity Rights • Production Legal & Insurance •  Personal Injury & Workplace Liability Insurance

Your success involves not just taking calculated risks, but also protecting your most valuable assets, including your mind and your health.  In the intellectual property world, Your Mind Is Your Property.™  We can help protect it.


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Founder and principal attorney Shreepal "Shreeps" J. Zala (pronounced Shree-paul) describes his firm's mission as "helping entrepreneurs and businesses protect and monetize their intellectual property.  We take a people first approach to our practice of law where we look to connect and work with clients in ways that promotes both business success and personal growth.  We want you to walk away feeling like not only did we help with your legal issue, but your understanding of the issues also improved.  This prepares you for better outcomes in the future, helping both your business and your growth as a business owner!"

Practicing Law in the Following Areas
Intellectual Property Law
Business & Contract Law
Entertainment Law

Insurance & Injury Law
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Your Mind Is Your Property.™

We Can Help Protect It.

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A: 2791 Glenvalley Dr, Decatur, GA 30032

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